Monday, 25 May 2015

Harry - day 3

Surprised myself & surpassed days 1 & 2 with Harry the school bear. Today, dear readers, Harry went to the Olympics. Well, admittedly not The Olympics. But The Olympic Park.

Sure, he didn't get to see Chris Hoy win gold nor Tom Daly get a medal but he did hang upside down outside the velodrome and go into the Aquatics centre (without getting wet - learnt a lesson from you, The Reluctant Lauderer). 

Here he is enjoying his day out plus some scenic pics of the park. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Harry the diamond class bear

After weeks, no months, of near-tears over the absence of Harry, the diamond class bear, coming home with us for the weekend, Caitlin has her claws on the coveted fur ball. For. A. Whole. Week.

As luck would have it, her turn has fallen at half term. So the challenge is to see if we can do better than the other school kids who've had the bear and taken him to:

- the park
- the supermarket
- a petting farm
- an Easter egg hunt

I've got a whole week. So far, on day 2, he's been pictured on the Tube, at HMS Belfast, on London Bridge and at a Mini Makers Imagination Faire in Oxo Tower Wharf. 

I'm exhausted. 

And Caitlin's in love. 

Asked about why she loves Harry so much prompted the response: "I get to do really exciting things with him". 

I think I've shot myself in the foot there. Days 3 to 7 might well be "Harry chilling at home". 

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Quite excited to exercise my democratic right today. 

Summoning the energy to leave the house and cast my vote, I was reminded of a small, free exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery on the suffragettes. 

What stood out was the lengths these women were prepared to go to get the vote. Vandalising masterpieces, risking arrest, imprisonment and making the ultimate sacrifice. 

Even though I'm a flip-flop voter that no party would want to be depending on (too easily influenced by blatant propaganda in the 6 weeks before the election), it's still thrilling that we get the power to decide who gets to run the country.